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    re-opened after enlargement
  • new visiting mode
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    without obligatory participation in a guided tour
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Aktuelle Ausstellung - Sean Scully

New visiting mode 

The Museum Liaunig can be viewed now without
prior registration during opening hours Wednesday - Sunday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m from April 26th to October
31st 2015. 

Guided tours through the exhibitions are included
in the price of admission, but participation is not obligatory.

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The Museum Liaunig exhibits the most comprehensive presentation to date of works from the six-artists "WIRKLICHKEITEN" Group: Wolfgang Herzig, Martha Jungwirth, Kurt Kocherscheidt, Peter Pongratz, Franz Ringel und Robert Zeppel-Sperl - with some 250 works comprised of paintings, drawings, prints and sculptural pieces.

Sean Scully

With a major Sean Scully show, the Museum Liaunig opens the new triangular space for special presentations. Sean Scully currently numbers among the leading exponents of absolute, non-figurative painting that is influenced decisively by the use of colour.  

Akan Gold 

The artistically and ethnologically unique collection of African gold objects from the 19th and 20th centuries is seen as a counterpoint to the display of contemporary art. The show which can be viewed in an underground annex has already delighted the visitors during past years.

Glasses from 1500 to 1850

The precious historical decorated glasses on display form a representative cross-section through all of the eras between 1500 to 1850, their special features, stories and the idiosyncratic personalities of the various masters of the art of glass, as well as the various techniques involved.  

Miniatures from 1590 to 1890

A hundred representative pieces have been selected from the Liaunig portrait miniatures collection and are presented in a generous display case landscape. The range spans from the Elizabethan period with Hilliard via Cooper, Smart and Cosway up to the early 19th century.