• Museum Liaunig
    30 April–29 October 2023
  • Opening hours
    Wed–Sun 10 a.m.–6 p.m.
  • Unique Architecture
    already declared a listed monument
  • sonusiade
    from temple of the muses to music temple


Aktuelle Ausstellung - Sean Scully

Opening Hours

30 April-29 October 2023
Wednesday - Sunday: 10 am - 6 pm
Monday, Tuesday: closed



Aktuelle Ausstellung - Sean Scully

mit Alexandra Grimmer

So 18.6.2023, 14 Uhr
Alexandra Grimmer führt durch die von ihr kuratierte Hauptausstellung "Follow the Rabbit". > Anmeldung


Musik im DIALOG mit der Ausstellung
Fr 23.6.2023, 14 Uhr 

SONUS-Dozentinnen und -Dozenten bespielen das Museum Liaunig. > Anmeldung 

Music in the Museum Liaunig – sonusiade 2023

The triangular special exhibition room of the Museum Liaunig is transformed into a unique concert hall thanks to the interplay of music, visual art and contemporary architecture.

The changing special exhibitions "Zbyněk Sekal 100" and "Old Friends: Franz Ringel" form the framework of the sonusiade matinees 2023.

Info & Ticket Order: 
+43 4356 211 15

Wed 12 July 6 p.m.

Zbynĕk Sekal 100 Years

SCHWEJK - Adventures of the Good Soldier

Wolfram Berger, recitation
Florentin Berger-Monit, sound collages (live)

Sun 20 August 11 a.m.

SONUS Guest Concert | Matinee

Walter Auer, flute
Petra Ackermann, viola
Janez Gregorič, guitar

Sun 15 October 11 a.m.

Von FRANZ zu FRANZ ‒ ein DIALOG | Matinee
Schuberts Winterreise 

Georg Klimbacher, baritone
Graham Johnson, piano

Fr 23.6. 14 Uhr

Musik im DIALOG mit der Ausstellung

SONUS-Dozentinnen und -Dozenten bespielen das Museum Liaunig. 

Mi 12.7. 18 Uhr

Zbyněk Sekal 100 Jahre
SCHWEJK – Abenteuer des braven Soldaten

Wolfram Berger, Rezitation
Florentin Berger-Monit, Soundcollagen (live)

So 20.8. 11 Uhr

SONUS-Gastkonzert | Matinee

Walter Auer, Flöte
Petra Ackermann, Viola
Janez Gregorič, Gitarre

So 15.10. 11 Uhr

Von FRANZ zu FRANZ ‒ ein DIALOG | Matinee
Schuberts Winterreise 

Georg Klimbacher, Bariton
Graham Johnson, Klavier


Main exhibition
"Follow the Rabbit"

In the main exhibition 2023 "Follow the Rabbit" curated by Alexandra Grimmer, the Liaunig Collection shows a new side by opening the door to the Far East and presenting itself in juxtaposition with contemporary Chinese art.

Special exhibition
"Zbyněk Sekal 100"

The first special exhibition of the 2023 season is dedicated - on the occasion of his 100th birthday - to the Czech painter and sculptor Zbyněk Sekal (1923 Prague-1998 Vienna), who lived and worked in Vienna since 1970.

Sculpture depot
"Eyewall – Hannes Priesch"

"Eyewall" is the title of a series of 49 paintings and a performance by the artist Hannes Priesch (*1954), which deals with the e-mail correspondence of the US authority FEMA before, during and after Hurricane Katrina in autumn 2005.

Permanent collections

African Beaded Art

The approximately 300 objects – richly beaded, ceremonially used objects, but also everyday things – provide an insight into the lifeworlds and traditions of West and Central African ethnic groups and show a facet of African art that is still little explored.

Portrait miniatures

Of the now well over 300 miniatures in the Liaunig Collection, this second exhibition presents a representative selection of over 120 pieces of these hand-painted portraits of the smallest scale, created between the beginning of the 17th and the end of the 19th century.


The second part of the Liaunig Glass Collection – a selection of more than 100 glasses from the various eras - has been on display since 2021. The compilation provides an overview of European glass history and shows how diverse and innovative the material glass has been designed.