• 2022

    Museum Liaunig 

    The museum is thus ready for the coming season with a wealth of variety, surprises and visitorfriendly attractions such as the shop, atrium and café. It is the venue of a multifaceted exhibition and concert programme that is not to be missed:

    The exhibition "Lost in Space: Space, Object and Figure", curated by Günther Holler-Schuster, is dedicated to developments in sculpture since 1945. It features Austrian pieces as well as exemplary works by international artists.

    The triangular special exhibition room continues to house the "Old Friends" series. The successive exhibitions of Roland Goeschl (May–July) and Markus Prachensky (August–October) provide the setting for the four concerts of the chamber music series sonusiade.

    Moreover, the historical collections of rare portrait miniatures, precious glass dating from the Renaissance to Biedermeier, as well as the exhibit of African treasure Akan Gold will serve as a counterpoint to the contemporary exhibitions.

    In good weather, the sculpture park will offer an invitation to strol through a spacious park landscape. This open-air exhibition constitutes representative selection of pieces by Austrian and international artists hat extends from the classic modern period to the present day.

    Exhibitions 2022

    Lost in Space: Space, Object and Figure – Developments in Sculpture since 1945
    Main Exhibition

    Roland Goeschl / Markus Prachensky
    Changing Special Exhibitions (May -July/July-October) 
    in course of the series Old Friends 

    Portrait miniatures
    Akan Gold

    Historical Collections

    Museum Liaunig
    1 May – 30 October 2022 ∙ Wednesday – Sunday 10 am – 6 pm
    Museum Liaunig ∙ 9155 Neuhaus/Suha 41, Austria ∙ +43 4356 211 15 office@museumliaunig.at ∙ www.museumliaunig.at

    Main Exhibition

    Lost in Space: Space, Object and Figure – Developments in Sculpture since 1945

    The main exhibition at the Museum Liaunig this year is dedicated to a seemingly unclear and at the same time highly topical theme, that of sculpture – ‘Lost in Space’. The private collection of the Liaunig family, excellently endowed in terms of both quantity and quality, naturally offers, in addition to great diversity, certain focal points in terms of content. While Austrian art predominates, international positions in all areas supplement the range and represent a special feature of this collection. The artistic achievements from the home country stand here in a broader context. Local conditions come up against international commonalities. For this reason, highlights include such prominent artists as Pierre Alechinsky, Karel Appel, Anthony Caro,
    Tony Cragg, Matt Mullican and the architect Peter Cook (Archigram), Daniel Libeskind and Lebbeus Woods. The timespan of the exhibition extends from around 1950 until
    today. Of the 140 items on display, nearly all are from the museum’s own collection – only a few pieces were borrowed to supplement the exhibit.

    With artworks by the following artists: Raimund Abraham, Pierre Alechinsky, Karel Appel, Joannis Avramidis, Josef Bauer, Wolfgang Becksteiner, Wander Bertoni, Francesco Bocchini, Anthony Caro, Peter Cook, Tony Cragg, Canan Dagdelen, Gunter Damisch, Behrooz Daresh, Günther Domenig, Otto Eder, Manfred Erjautz, Lorenz Estermann, Herbert Flois, Andreas Fogarasi, Padhi Frieberger, Bruno Gironcoli, Stefan Glettler, Dorothee Golz, Helmuth Gsöllpointner, Julia Haugeneder, Julie Hayward, Wolfgang Heusgen, Rudolf Hoflehner, Hans Hollein, Theo Jansen, Martin Kaar, Gerhard Kaiser, Michael Kienzer, Katharina Kleibel, Peter Kogler, Cornelius Kolig, Willi Kopf, Brigitte Kowanz, Hans Kupelwieser, Maria Lassnig, Heinz Leinfellner, Daniel Libeskind, Helmut Mark, János Megyik, Walter Moroder, Alois Mosbacher, Gerhardt Moswitzer, Matt Mullican, Heribert Nothnagel, Franz Xaver Ölzant, Fritz Panzer, Helga Philipp, Franz Pichler, Josef Pillhofer, Klaus Pinter, Rudolf Polanszky, Peter Pongratz, Hannes Priesch, Erwin Reiter, Werner Reiterer, Hans Schabus, Robert Schad, Eva Schlegel, Martin Schnur, ManfreDu Schu, Johann Schwarz, Christian Schwarzwald, Fabian Seiz, Zbyněk Sekal, Pablo Smidt, Oswald Stimm, Esther Stocker, Erwin Thorn, Elmar Trenkwalder,  Andreas Urteil, João Pedro Vale, Walter Vopava, Manfred Wakolbinger, Paul Wallach, Franz West, Markus Wilfling, Lebbeus Woods, Fritz Wotruba, Reimo Wukounig, Erwin Wurm, Johanes Zechner and Leo Zogmayer.

    Main Exhibition "Lost in Space"
    Curator: Günther Holler-Schuster
    May 1 to October 30, 2022 ∙ Wed to Sun from 10 am to 6 pm
    Museum Liaunig ∙ 9155 Neuhaus/Suha 41, Austria ∙ +43 4356 211 15
    office@museumliaunig.at ∙ www.museumliaunig.at

    Special Exhibition

    Old Friends: Markus Prachensky

    On the occasion of his 90th birthday, the Museum Liaunig pays tribute to the artist Markus Prachensky (1932-2011), who is one of the most important protagonists of Austrian post-war art.

    The "Old Friends" series is dedicated to artists to whom Herbert Liaunig has been attached as a friend and collector for many years. These friendships, which began in the 1960s, mark the beginnings and form the basis of the Liaunig Collection. In the show put together by Peter Liaunig, works from the artist's estate and from private collections are presented alongside works from the collection to provide a representative insight into the work of Markus Prachensky and to show the essential stages in the stylistic development of his extensive oeuvre. The focus is on paintings from central work cycles, but also works on paper and sketches that are closely related in form.

    Special Exhibition "Old Friends: Markus Prachensky"
    30 July to 30 October 2022 ∙  Wed to Sun from 10 am to 6 pm
    Museum Liaunig ∙ 9155 Neuhaus/Suha 41, Austria ∙ +43 4356 211 15
    office@museumliaunig.at ∙ www.museumliaunig.at


    Old Friends: Roland Goeschl

    The artists exhibited since 2016 in the "Old Friends" special exhibition series are those to whom Herbert Liaunig, since his early days as a collector, has been devoted as a collector and friend. Thus large numbers of their works representing a variety of creative periods, and embodying the most singular artistic approaches, are to be found in the collection and form the basis for the frequently changing single retrospectives held during the exhibition season.

    As part of the "Old Friends" series, the Museum Liaunig is dedicating an exhibit to the Salzburg-born artist Roland Goeschl (1932–2016) on the 90th anniversary of his birth.

    The exhibit, curated by Peter Liaunig, provides an insight into the artistic development of the sculptor and his unmistakable language of form.

    Special Exhibition "Old Friends: Roland Goeschl"
    1 Mai to 24 July 2022 ∙  Wed to Sun from 10 am to 6 pm
    Museum Liaunig ∙ 9155 Neuhaus/Suha 41, Austria ∙ +43 4356 211 15
    office@museumliaunig.at ∙ www.museumliaunig.at